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K&S is proud to partner with cyber experts to understand how cyber insurance fits into your cyber security program. Check out our series of various industry experts participating in our Q&A.

Cyber Experts Weigh In Part 1:

The Underwriter Perspective

Our partner,  Shannon Groeber, CEO of CFC Underwriting, weighs in on our series in part one: The Underwriter PerspectiveThis informative Q&A provides an insider perspective into how cyber insurance can be the investment your organization needs to stay safe in the digital world. Read the Q&A.

Cyber Experts Weigh In Part 2: Incident Response

What’s the role of an incident responder during a cyber event? Our expert, David Kruse of Arctic Wolf Incident Response, weighs in. This exclusive Q&A provides insight into new threat actor tactics, effective cyber defense, and the value of cyber insurance for your organization. Read our Q&A.

Cyber Experts Weigh In Part 3: Regulatory

The cyber landscape may change quickly, but regulators are starting to catch up. Attorney and data breach coach, Sarah Sargent at Godfrey & Kahn Law, offers her expertise. This informative Q&A highlights regulatory changes, incident response plans, and the importance of containment in the event of a cyber incident. Read our Q&A

Cyber Experts Weigh In Part 4: Emerging Threats

Cybersecurity is an ongoing process. Head of Digital Forensics and Incident Response at Booz Allen Hamilton, Clay Blankenship, explains why in this exclusive Q&A. Learn myths surrounding threat actors, as well as how to prepare for an incident and implement controls to bolster your organization’s cybersecurity in any digital climate. Read our Q&A with Clay.

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