From concept to distribution, comprehensive risk management solutions ensure financial stability and sustainability for our manufacturing clients.

More than advisors—we are advocates and navigators in the complexities of the manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing has been one of the industries to take the biggest hit in the post-COVID19 economy. Supply chain disruption has manifested in the shortage of raw materials, products, and jobs—seriously impeding the success of many manufacturing organizations worldwide.

Our expertise is primely positioned to navigate the vast intricacies of the volatile manufacturing industry. This makes us differentiators in this space because our geographic diversity gives us an understanding of disaster recovery and continuity programs, total loss, and business interruption insurance. We offer an unparalleled level of comfort for our clients by nurturing meaningful relationships so they can rest easy knowing that our team is there in times of need.

We are committed to helping others win and offer innovative extra expense solutions to reduce business income loss. Our expertise also includes solutions for employee injuries so they can return to work on a modified or “light duty” basis, mitigating lost wage expenses for your company while maintaining positive employee morale.

K&S believes that loss prevention and business continuity planning are vital to protecting our clients’ assets. Our greatest value position is our manufacturing risk management team. We utilize risk mapping to provide tailor-made loss control recommendations for your specific needs and ongoing involvement moving forward. This enables the organization to be as profitable as possible and eliminate downtime.

Our areas of expertise

  • Disaster recovery/business continuity plans
  • Product liability for high hazard products or materials
  • Property exposures–fire, windstorm, and business interruption planning
  • Determining proper replacement values
  • International and domestic transit and delivery
  • Employee injury, including return to work programs

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