Risk Management

Risk Management

Quick Resolution of Claims and Proper Risk Control are Crucial Components to a Thriving Business and Secure Bottom Line.

Recover and prevent loss with K&S’ team of skilled claims advocates and risk control consultants.

Loss can wreak devastation on a business—but it doesn’t have to. The K&S team of claims advocates and risk control consultants work together in-house to mitigate risk and respond with urgency in the event of an unfortunate loss. Clients can rely on us to gather all details for filing a claim and rest easy knowing that we will be personally involved from start to finish to see a final settlement or resolution.

Client Advocacy

Should a loss occur, our experts advocate on your behalf and guide you through the claims process. K&S claims advocates and risk control consultants are dedicated to mitigation and resolution of any claim that falls upon your organization.

Reporting Claims: Work closely with clients to acquire important details while responding with empathy.

Ongoing Support: Advocate at all levels with carrier organizations and provide local representation.

Relentless Advocacy: Monitor each step of the process diligently to ensure no stone is left unturned.

Tools & Expertise: Deploy superb risk management tools and technology through industry-recognized experts.

Managing Risk

K&S provides risk management technology to empower organizations and prevent risk. Through our web-based Risk Management Center, companies have access to the tools needed through ten organized tracks.

COI Track: Manage the Certificate of Insurance (COI) process and ensure your organization is protected from unexpected liability.

BBS Track: Cultivate a culture of safety throughout your organization with a Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) program.

HR Essentials: Achieve and maintain HR compliance through online educational materials, HR & Benefits library, and access to on-demand experts.

Safety Observation Track: Perform and track safety observations and demonstrate job compliance.

Incident Track: Report claims and reduce incidents. Track employee injuries and related time off work, conduct incident analyses, and run OSHA 300 Logs.

Job Description Track: Build job descriptions that clearly communicate employee responsibilities and job-related health and safety requirements.

SDS Track: Organize Safety Data Sheets (SDS) to comply with the new globally harmonized system.

Training Track: Automate your entire employee training process. Schedule, track, and document training with a database of training titles.

Audit Track: Create audits, surveys, questionnaires, and self-assessments to gather data and improve performance.

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