Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Deep in the heart of oil country, we have over thirty years of experience navigating every facet of the volatile oil and gas industry.

Unleashing the power of your organization through expert risk management.

In the wake of the post-COVID19 economy, a robust workforce is still struggling to rebuild. One of the biggest hits to the oil and gas industry has been the lack of workers, causing shortages through every step of the process—from drilling to distribution.

At K&S, we understand the importance of not only a well-staffed organization, but one that cultivates an attitude of safety and hazard awareness. Down hole exposures, tight compartments, and heavy equipment are just a few drops in the sea of dangerous risks that this industry faces. Our experts develop strategies to ensure everyone involved in your operation is properly trained and knows how to identify risks and potential hazards to thwart catastrophe in its tracks.

This 24-hour, 365-day a year industry is constantly evolving, with new risks and regulations at the forefront of every project. The oil and gas specialists at K&S have access to top industry contacts and consultants to help your organization thrive. We offer best in class connections for acquiring any market needed. With our roots so deep in this industry, both in experience and geography, our ability to offer competitive and comprehensive solutions is second to none.

Our areas of expertise

  • Service contactors
  • Trucking
  • OSHA safety procedures
  • Oilfield dirt work

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