The wholesale industry is interconnected on a global scale. Such expansive connectivity is accompanied by an expansive risk profile throughout the entire journey from manufacturer to end user.

As the wholesale industry landscape evolves, so does our innovative risk mapping.

As the customer experience transforms with the unprecedented economic changes of recent years, so does the wholesale industry’s risk profile. The way things are sold today, especially online or through third party shippers, is unrecognizable from the systems in place fifteen years ago, from supply chain disruption and cyber breaches, to increases in employer lawsuits, as a result of a tightening financial environment. Comprehensive risk management solutions are your wholesale organization’s first line of defense.

Additional risk factors unique to this industry, particularly in Texas, are extreme weather events such as hailstorms and tornadoes. Many wholesale companies hold their products in large facilities. Any building over 50,000 square feet can be difficult to insure, as many carriers are hesitant to provide coverage on facilities with such large replacement values due to these conditions. Our experts at K&S are well-versed and work with many types of wholesalers. We know how to advocate on your behalf to many of the leading industry carriers and intermediaries.

Because of our steadfast commitment to helping others win, K&S offers unique extra expense solutions to reduce business income loss. Our expertise also includes solutions for employee injuries so they can return to work on a modified or “light duty” basis, mitigating lost wage expenses for your wholesale organization while simultaneously providing positive mental reinforcement for the employee.

We are primely positioned within the wholesale industry to help clients identify and understand their potential losses. From fire risk, environmental hazards, employee injury, and product delivery and liability, we take a holistic look at your organization to facilitate premium carrier coverage.

Our areas of expertise

  • Durable goods
  • Food & Produce distribution
  • Electronics
  • Disaster recovery/business continuity planning
  • Employee injury & return to work programs
  • Fleet safety & management
  • Property replacement estimates

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